Accounting And Finance Associate Degrees Give You Many Options

By working to earn an associate’s degree in accounting or finance, you will learn the skills that are needed in order to enter into the business world. You will learn the basic knowledge necessary to work in both the finance department and the accounting department.

If you want to learn the basics of what keeps the economy running smoothly, then an associate’s degree in finance is up your alley. This degree is a good fit for those that have analytical minds and for those who enjoy business, especially the financial end of things.

If you are able to complete this degree in finance, the careers that most with the degree hold, along with their median income, include the following: credit analyst ($26,880), financial analyst ($61,910), investment advisor ($62,700), and stockbroker ($69,200). Keep in mind that these are median wages, not starting wages, so your starting pay may be much lower.

Some of the types of classes that you will take while earning you finance degree include Personal Finance, Principles of Finance, Principles of Insurance, Money and Banking, Business statistics, and Commercial Credit. After completing this degree, you will not only know how to manage your personal budget, but you will also know how to manage the finances for other people, as well as those of businesses and organizations. You will also learn how to be able to analyze financial statements for both individuals and businesses. This will allow you to advise them on things that they can do in order to prepare for their futures. You will also learn how to write a business plan for new and existing businesses and ventures.

An associate’s degree in accounting will give you the chance to work in an accounting office, either for a corporation or for an agency. This will give you the skills necessary to get your foot in the door. This degree will prepare you to work in a variety of industries in an accounting or bookkeeping position. This will also familiarize you with various accounting techniques and business finance laws.

In order to complete this accounting degree, you will need to take courses that will give you knowledge on accounting principles and methodology. Some of the classes that you will take include the following: Basic Accounting, Business Administration, Macroeconomics, Business Computer Applications, Project Management, Spreadsheet Management, Business Statistics, Tax Accounting, Business law, and Auditing.

Once you complete your accounting degree, you will have gained a wide variety of skills, including accounting skills, computer skills, auditing skills, business administration skills, spreadsheet application skills, math skills, critical thinking skills, finance skills, business statistic skills, business law skills, and tax law skills.

The salary for someone that earns this accounting degree will vary widely, depending on the level of responsibility and the size of the company. According to the United States Department of Labor, the pay can range from $32,320 and $88,610.

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