A Bachelors Degree In Interior Design Can Be Visually Appealing

By working toward a bachelor’s degree in interior design, you will be preparing yourself for a career as an interior designer, graphic designer, architect, or a similar line of work. You will study a wide variety of things while completing your studies.

This degree will educate you on the essentials and business practices of contemporary interior design. You will learn how to create stunning and appealing interior spaces for homes and businesses, with an eye on maximizing productivity, ease, communication, and well being. This degree will also teach you the inner workings of the interior design business. While you are working toward your degree, it would be a good idea to begin an internship with a professional design firm in order to gain valuable training and experience in the field. This will also give you some experience working with real customers. Working as an intern also can give you a leg up when it comes to hiring. Many firms will look to their interns first when considering new positions. This is also one of those fields where word of mouth can play a big role in where and how you are employed. Even if the company doesn’t offer you a job, your internship can give you a big leg up when applying at other firms. During your internship, you should also start a portfolio of your designs and work. This is a visual medium, and the more visual references to your work that you can show to employers, the better.

You will have multiple career options when you complete your bachelor’s degree in interior design. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the career options that you will have, along with the median salaries for these positions, include the following: interior designer ($40,670), graphic designer ($38,030), and architect ($60,300).

It is believed that the job prospects for those in this field are expected to remain relatively good through 2014. Prospects are especially favorable for those that have design experience in health care and hospital facilities.

Some of the subjects that you will be studying in school include the following: introduction to design, color theory, graphic communication, history of interiors, interior design business practices, as well as other related subjects. After completing this degree, you will have the skills necessary to be able to design rooms and other interior spaces in order to achieve a desired effect. You will also have the knowledge necessary to be able to run your own interior design firm.

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