Start Your Own Butcher Shop

A person who has the ability to cut meat, make sausages and likes interacting with customers is a fit for the trade of meat cutting or being a butcher. It is a trade that has good financial aspects and a lot of diversity and special skills, being an exciting and a multi-faceted profession.

These days, the term “butcher” is being applied to a person who is a meat cutter, a slaughterer, a meat packer or a sausage maker.  A specialized butcher needs to be an expert in food regulation, animal anatomy, animal health and welfare too. He needs to also know how to assess and trade livestock, how to properly slaughter animals and cut and de-bone meat.  If more value in the trade is required, he needs to also learn about various spices, mixing them properly to make various sausages.

Butchers usually work with highly dangerous tools.  Some of them require protective clothing such as goggles, hard hats, aprons, arm guards and gloves.  The person using these tools needs to be well trained. All these are meant to cut, saw, crush or grind meat at various levels.  In order to perform these tasks, various machines are needed. A person using these tools without a proper training is often highly at risk.

An individual who has undergone extensive training and has gained an experience of a few years can have his own butcher shop or a larger business in this field.  Taking a course in business management will add flavor to this business.  Though it is quite hard to set up an independent business, it can have a high return. There is a common misconception that having your own business means being your own boss. This can sometimes lead to bankruptcy!

An independent butcher shop can be set in various ways.  If you have saved enough money over the years of job, you can buy an existing shop or can hire one.  In case of buying, renting or leasing an already existing shop, there is already a customer base set up by the previous owner. Making a franchise with a big shop is another option.  This can help save many problems and worries otherwise eminent in case of an independent entrepreneur.

In any of these cases, this field requires real hard work.  A butcher needs to be up and running early in the morning.  He needs to be ‘the first to arrive, the last to leave’.  More profit can be earned by increasing the possible products and specialties.  It is up to the person as he can make his special talent into a trade mark in his profession.

A butcher can get very creative in this business.  Meat is a product which can be shaped in thousands of admirable edibles.  It is his interest and endeavor of the butcher that sets the goals and helps him achieve them.  The customer is often highly fascinated by the diversity found in this profession.  In short, butcher is a profession with great prospects.

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