Major in Advertising & Marketing…

Lets’ first check out what personal qualities you need to possess before you consider this as an option. You will need to have a creative streak in you, be a people’s person as well as possess strong communication skills. You will also need to work against time and within deadlines, so make sure you can tolerate stress and long hours of work. The plus side is that this is a very imaginative and innovative line, and no two assignments will be identical. If you have all of this, then this course is for you!

Advertising & Marketing is all about packaging products in a way that the consumer is lured into buying the product, and creating brand recall. The consumer should remember the product for its brand value and he should be convinced that it is the best product in the market. You will need to take your client’s message to the consumer in the most effective way possible, while retaining clients and acquiring new ones.

Advertising & Marketing is a multi-faceted gem…

It will involve creative and visual aspects of advertising, packaging a product, branding it and presenting it to the consumer. This will entail photography, visual communication and an ability to create an ad single-handedly. The technical aspects of the course will involve the use of technology, computers and business applications. You will need to learn business fundamentals and software application required for this specific industry. You may also need to study web design, graphic design and learn copy writing or editing.

Courses of specific study include market research, data analysis and evaluation, international marketing, telemarketing, Internet marketing, branding, product management, sales management, direct sales, promotions, organizational and marketing communication. Today the arena for the medium of advertising is variegated: your course of study will need you to know more about the print media, films, documentaries, Internet, E-commerce, Television etc.

The customer is always right…

The business of Advertising & Marketing can only be kept alive and kicking if there are customers. In a nutshell, clients need to advertise with you, keep coming back for more and you need to constantly find new clients to expand business. Client handling is of the utmost importance and a key area of study when it comes to Advertising & Marketing. You will study how to manage a client’s account, client liaison, product servicing, conceptualizing a campaign and marketing it. You may also need to study customer psychology and behaviour patterns to understand what goes on in the customer’s mind

Apart from the course of study you will need personal skills like leadership qualities, understanding what your customers want, intra-personal skills, incisive judgmental qualities and the ability to retain clients by creating a personal equation with them.

This course of study will fine-tune your inherent qualities and sharpen your skills while training your mind in different subjects of study, which will be extremely relevant when you step into a lucrative career in Advertising & Marketing.

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