Highest Paying Jobs in Maine

Movement of labor is free across the length and breadth of the globe and with the current euphoria surrounding higher consumption levels with rising incomes, pay packages become inevitable criteria for choice of job. The average annual per capita income across the 16 counties of Maine range between US$14000 to US$ 24000, yet these do not feature as prominent within the United States. On the other hand, the median household income ranges between US$ 25000 to US$ 45000. As for professions, it is the retail, healthcare and hospital services which rank as the top most in terms of employability. The extent of pay packages pertaining to a particular sector needs to be analyzed with respect to the average pay or the wage and the difference between the salary or wage for a fresher in that profession vis a vis an experienced professional.

By estimating the gap between the bottom-level pay and the top-level pay, it would be easier to gain insights as to the sustenance of that sector in the top-ranking position. In Maine, where medical and hospital services are witnessing steady growth, Surgeons are the top paid professionals with an average hourly wage of US$ 93. The wage commanded by a Junior Surgeon is $90 while that of an experienced and Senior Surgeon is $94. Within the healthcare sector, General Dentists are ranked next to surgeons with an average hourly wage of $88. However, there is a marked difference between a practitioner who receives $ 76 and a proficient dentist (experienced) who receives $94. Internists occupy the third position with an average hourly wage of $ 71 and share similar shades of vast differences in entry-level and ‘the experienced’ pay. A fresher intern would receive $53 as against a wage of $80 per hour received by an experienced person.

In fact, all wages above US$ 55 per hour are held by medical professionals including child specialists, family physicians apart from those listed above. CEO’s and Financial / Investment Advisors fall in the $45-50 bracket. An interesting point to note is the huge wage gaps that prevail between different categories of CEO’s. The lowest wage paid to a CEO is $29 where as he could earn as much as $ 65 based on his years of experience, competence and the sector of operation. Professionals such as Engineers, Lawyers and Pharmacists fall in the $40-45 category with Pharmacists being paid the highest and Lawyers the lowest. As all these professionals have to encounter diverse work environment, huge wage gaps do exist between amateurs and professionals. Other category of professionals including accountants, IT and systems managers, sales agents earns just about $25-30 per hour. The lowest paid jobs comprise of insurance agents and machine / equipment operators who earn merely $ 20 per hour.      

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