Unemployment Benefits of Maryland Really Help the Unemployed

The residents of Maryland who lose their jobs can immediately apply for unemployment benefits to support and protect the impact of lost income. The initial benefit would be in the form of a weekly check that can really help the unemployed persons to maintain his or her family to a normal standard of living in the state. There many other benefits provided by the Maryland administration to different categories of unemployed persons.

According to the present rules of Maryland law, the weekly check benefit amount ranges from nearly $25 to about $400 per week.   The weekly benefit check of an unemployed person is determined by the Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance based on how much the unemployed person earned during a one-year period of time leading up to his or her claim.  Under this scheme, an unemployed person can take the weekly benefits for up to 25 weeks. An unemployed person can also avail the allowances of about $7 per dependent kid for up to five children. This includes a daughter, son, stepchild and legally adopted child also qualifies as a dependent. But only one single parent can actually claim a dependent throughout a one year term.

A sick claim benefits can be availed by a person who is having disability or illness and that prevents him or her from seeking work. This particular benefit excuses the person from the need to actively seek for work while he or she receives the said unemployment benefits. Periodic medical report plays a vital role in the continuation and termination of this benefit. The Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits are available for those residents of Maryland who lost job mainly because of stiff competition from foreign companies. This benefit comes under the federal program that comprises relocation benefits and funded training to help an unemployed person to find job in other fields.

An unemployed person can also get an allowance for up to 25 weeks even after being discharged from tax credits for health insurance premiums and regular unemployment benefits. It is to be noted that most of the benefit schemes has its own eligibility criteria and must be applied separately to the concerned authorities. A Supplemental Unemployment Benefits is a private plan that adds to the person’s unemployment insurance scheme. According to the law of the Maryland state, this benefit do not affects the unemployed person’s weekly benefit amount. Under this scheme, the employer pays an amount into an unemployment fund per hour based on the worker’s work contribution to them. This supplemental benefit is given to only those unemployed person who are eligible for regular Maryland unemployment benefits. A person can receive partial unemployment benefits, if a company decreases his or her hours and pay structure instead of discontinuing altogether.

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