Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota Helps Those in Need

If you are a resident of Minnesota and laid off from your present job then unemployment benefits can offer standard financial support for nearly six months. Unemployment benefits of Minnesota State provide a partial wage replacement on temporary basis in order to help unemployed person who have become jobless because of no fault of their own. If the unemployed person qualifies then these benefit schemes can really provide living support of basic standard when the said person is searching for another job.

Most people who have worked in Minnesota for state and local governments or private employers are covered under unemployment benefits. Those who have worked only in the self-employment or for the railroad are not covered under any of the unemployment benefit schemes. The unemployed person should be a U.S. Citizen and resident of Minnesota, a registered alien or obtained permission to work in the U.S. It is to be noted that Ex-service personnel may be eligible under certain criteria for unemployment benefits.

A person is said to eligible to qualify for unemployment benefits, if he or she has earned wage credit of sufficient levels, is totally or partially unemployed by no fault of his or her own, is able to work, is readily willing for employment and is actively looking for suitable job. When a person becomes unemployed in Minnesota, he or she can apply for unemployment benefit immediately. It can be done through phone, internet and personal visit to the concerned authority. 

Under certain criteria, an unemployed person is eligible for federal or state Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC). This particular unemployment benefit scheme is offered for nearly 35 weeks to the Minnesota unemployed applicants. Other kinds of unemployment benefits provide for Minnesota unemployed person are under certain conditions.  Unemployment Compensation for ex-service members is offered to Veterans.  If a person has lost job due to foreign import then he or she is eligible for Trade Readjustment Allowances. If a person were part of a plant closing or large layoff then he or she is eligible under the scheme known as employment services for laid off workers. If a person has lost job due to any kind of natural disaster then his or her eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance.

The State law of Minnesota establishes a perfect formula for requiring the unemployment benefit amounts under the various benefit schemes to be decided by Minnesota’s average weekly wage and that need to be again recalculated each year. How much an employed person has earned in his or her base year will reflect on their unemployment benefit amount. It is purely dependent on this calculation. The maximum weekly benefit amount is about $450 and the minimum weekly unemployment benefit amount is nearly $35 in Minnesota.

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