Largest Companies in Louisiana

Louisiana economy rest on its oil reserves which are 10% of US total reserves. It is the country's third largest producer of petroleum. Their reserve of natural gas produces over one-quarter of all the U.S. supplies. The state has enormous quantities of salt reserves in huge underground formations. The state is a major producer of the sulphur mineral.

Louisiana petroleum refineries produce a massive amount of gasoline annually. It is the third leading refiner in the US. The state's 16 refineries consist of one of the four largest in the Western Hemisphere .Some of the famous companies of the state with production facilities are Exxon, Shell, Marathon, Conoco, BP and STAR.

The state stands second in the nation in terms of the production of petrochemicals. Over 100 major chemical plants are located in the state. The state is a major producer of a variety of "building block" chemicals, fertilizers and plastics, and also the feedstocks for a wide array of other products.

Tourism is a major industry in the state and provides job to over 87,000 workers. Travellers spend over $5.2 billion in the state every year.

Louisiana shipyards build different kind of seagoing vessel and also varied gas exploration rigs in the world. They manufacture merchant vessels, Coast Guard cutters, fishing vessels, pleasure craft and river patrol boats. The Avondale Shipyards are the major industrial employer in the state and is located near New Orleans. Here vessels are at times built upside down and ships are launched sideways into the river. This is opposite to the customary launching of the  stern first.

Louisiana has over 13.9 million acres of forests. Roughly one billion board feet of timber and 3.6 million cords of pulpwood are taken from these forests annually. This provide raw material to variety of forest-related industries like Kraft paper and fine-paper mills, plywood and particle board plants, furniture and flooring manufacturers, paper bag plants etc.

Louisiana is a major producer of sugar cane, sweet potatoes, rice and cotton. The state's enormous agricultural production provide raw material to more than a dozen rice mills, seven sugar refineries and over  two dozen other sugar-related facilities etc.

Louisiana's commercial fishing industry catches over 25 percent of all the seafood marketed in the US.

Martin Marietta employs more than 2500 workers in New Orleans .They are employed to construct the external fuel tanks for NASA's space shuttle program. NASA operates an aerospace computer services centre in Slidell. The Boeing Corporation operates an aviation maintenance facility in Lake Charles which deals in repairing and refitting of the jet aircraft. Collins Defence Communications, a division of Rockwell International, operates an aircraft modification centre in Shreveport.

Louisiana excels in the areas of biotechnological research and development which includes recombinant DNA, bioprocess, and monoclonal antibody technology. The state's role in the world of biotechnological research is amplified by the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre. This is a world-class facility in Baton Rouge and it specializes in the study of the role of nutrition in health.

Louisiana's film history is old and it can be said to be dated back to the year 1908.During that year the film "Faust" was produced. The Louisiana Film Commission has a variety of services to offer both for the state and out-of-state production companies.

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