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DOE is a department that serves under the governor-appointed superintendent of education. The Department of Education plans and execute; school and community programs, including student, school and community health and nutrition programs, transportation, community adult programs, and postsecondary and workforce development programs. The Department of Education is accountable for student and school performance records, comprising of student and school standards, assessment, accountability, and assistance (including exceptional children). DOE provides functions relating to teachers and administrators, which includes assessment and evaluation, certification, and staff development. Financial assistance and scholarship programs are aided through DOE's budget.

The Louisiana Department of Education provides a range of services for students as well as the administrators, teachers, parents, and other family members trying to assist them. Tasked with aiding the state's educational goals, the department works with the help of seven regional education service centers to offer school-improvement planning, instructional strategy, and other services.

The Louisiana Department of Education provides the people of Louisiana and others interested in the state's education system a comprehensible picture of where public education dollars are spent and what is being achieved with these funds.

Louisiana's annual education budget for Fiscal Year 2011 totals $8.5 billion, which includes federal, state, and local revenue sources. More than 98% of these education dollars is owed to schools and districts. As stewards of taxpayer dollars, LDOE is accountable for ensuring that public funds are used to support programs with a demonstrated track record of success. The Department's Office of Management and Finance closely evaluates and monitors how it expends financial resources and advocates for practices that will most benefit students.

The Office of Management and Finance is responsible for assisting the fiscal and academic success of public schools across the state of Louisiana. The Office supports the significant goals of the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) by providing schools with vital and correct funding information and resources, so that schools may focus on raising student achievement.

The Division of Appropriation Control is accountable for purchasing, contracts and overall revenue management. This Division plays a significant role in the supervision of public spending, as well as the financial reporting of information to federal and state agencies, and to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

Louisiana’s School Accountability System calls for constant improvement in student achievement, attendance, and dropout rates. This system is based upon two principles: motivating schools that grow academically and assisting schools and students who need help. Every school must show improvement in the School Performance Scores by meeting a growth every year. Growth targets indicate the amount of progress a school must make every year to reach the state’s SPS goal of 120 by the year 2014. As obligatory by No Child Left Behind (NCLB), schools must also show improvement or Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in up to nine student subgroups in English Language Arts and Math.

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