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Highest Paying Jobs in Maine
In the state of Maine has some low paying jobs, but in the professional fields this is not the case.

Going Legal – The Legal Way
Working as a lawyer will allow you to seek justice for your clients.

Political Science – Learning The Ways Of The World
If politics is like football season for you, you should consider a career in this field.

Law – a Career For The Person Who Wants Everything
A law degree will open up many different fields for you.

What Careers Can I Get With a Doctor Degree in Law?
This degree will not only set you up for a great career, but it will also allow you to teach law.

Choosing a Legal Profession
A master's in law will allow you to enter an exciting field.

There Are Many Specialties For Attorneys
A look at some of the various specialties in the field of law.

With A Bachelors Degree In Law You Can Seek Justice
This degree will allow you to help other and improve the lives of others.

Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice
The Criminal Justice major program is a fascinating course of study.

Defense attorneys face mixed signals on certification
Many in the legal field limit their practice to specialties, though entitled to practice law in all areas.

Criminal Justice Degree holders help keep our neighborhoods safe
Receive your degree in Criminal Justice and consider a career as a Police Officer, Detective, Judge, Attorney ...

Paralegals are cost-effective answers to legal tasks
Paralegals are hired more than ever as they tend to be a cost effective solution to legal answers.

What the future holds for a Political Science degree holder
Political Science degrees are a great option for a variety of different careers.

Give History a chance
A History major can prepare one for careers in Law, Business, Teaching and much more.

Public Policy, Planning and Management Career Choices
We point out the different career choices one can expect from a degree in Public Policy, Planning and Management.

What Tests Do I Need to Take to Get into College
Getting into College not only requires good grades but you must also pass a series of tests.

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