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How to become a Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are tasked with the duty of organizing and coordinating a given firm's marketing activities. Marketing managers are directly responsible for coordinating the conduct of market research and design of marketing strategies. In large firms, marketing managers together with their counterparts in advertising, public relations, sales, and promotions combine to come up with effective product development strategies, pricing structures, advertising and promotion campaigns, and sales programs.

Marketing managers are required to have an academic background of at least a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration. Strength in marketing is emphasized. In addition to the aforementioned degrees, a marketing manager is more adept if he or she has done courses in accounting, finance, mathematics, economics, business law, and management. On the job experience is particularly useful and therefore one is at an advantage if they have done some internship at a related firm. More technically oriented firms require that their marketing managers have a bachelor's degree in science or engineering in addition to a master's degree in business administration. The pattern in most firms is that experienced staff that has a background in the said tasks occupies the marketing manager's post. Most marketing managers are therefore individuals who started out as marketers, purchasing agents, PR personnel, or advertising personnel. For the purposes of career advancement, marketing managers usually undertake certification courses to affirm their competence granted that the competition in the job market is stiff. Marketing managers can add to their competence by participating in management training seminars and courses that are organized by larger firms or by universities and other credible institutions in conjunction with professional societies. These courses cover aspects including product management, data processing systems and management, international marketing etc.
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    What does a Marketing Manager do?

    They are responsible for the design of marketing strategies for the firm, its products and services. They work together with product development managers and market research managers to deduce the demand for the firm's products. This is also in reference to the competition. It is their task to pinpoint potential markets that the firm can target for optimal production and improved profitability. Marketing managers also have to come up with effective pricing strategies that will not only lead to more profitability for the company but will also help in the consolidation of market share. They work in collaboration with promotion and advertising managers to come up with effectual publicity and promotion campaigns that will ensure that the firm will address the intended target market that will therefore translate into successful product and service launches hence profitability. In collaboration with sales and product development managers, marketing managers track trends in the market and come up with products and services that will satisfy new demands. They normally work under the top-level management and it is a fact that sometimes they are under intense pressure to meet targets, goals, demands, and schedules. The position is such that there are long working hours, busy weekends, and a lot of travel in between. The most successful marketing managers usually advance to the top echelons of management in their firms or in other firms. Conversely, successful marketing managers may opt to establish their own firms.

    What skills or qualities do I need to become a Marketing Manager?

    Persons who are drawn to careers as marketing managers have to be inventive and imaginative. They should have the stamina to remain resolute and focused in the regularly stressing and tiring job conditions. In addition they should be self-motivated, mature, resilient and adaptable. Good communication skills both orally and in writing are primarily necessary. This is because ideas need to be effectively communicated to the top management, fellow managers, subordinates and the general public, which is the target market. Good people skills are paramount; one needs to know how to deal and maintain pleasant and productive personal relationships with fellow staff and persons from other firms. Marketing managers should be competent in the use of database and word-processing applications. Computer skills are a basic requirement in this day and age of Internet marketing, advertising, and research. It will be particularly advantageous if a marketing manager can have the ability to speak in a foreign language or a number of these. This can be helpful in helping to break into target markets that speak different languages other than English.

    How much does a Marketing Manager make?

    In May of 2006 marketing managers earned an annual median average of $98,720. Marketing managers that were employed in computer system design firms earned $119,540 while their counterparts in the management of enterprises and firms earned $103,070. Those working in technical and scientifically oriented firms earned $100,200. Marketing managers in engineering, architectural, and related firms received $92,480 while those working in depository credit intermediation earned $91,420.

    Who are some leading professionals in this field?

    Craig Yanagi is the national marketing manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. Formerly at Sony, he has been responsible for the introduction of award-winning marketing schemes. At JVC, his responsibilities include business development and planning, market analysis, launching of new products, and comprehensive pricing of the same. Under his portfolio, he will foster third-party liaisons in addition to sales forecasting.

    Julie Walker is the Global marketing director in charge of the Wal-Mart team for Proctor & Gamble. She has been part of the Wal-Mart team since 2001 and has also been the senior Proctor & Gamble marketer at the giant retailer since 2004.

    What are some leading organizations in this field?

    Marketo is the fastest growing lead marketing management firm. The firm specializes in the provision of B2B automated marketing software that ensures marketing efforts are translated into revenues for the firms. MCBD is a leading marketing communications firm based in London; it is now part of the Cossette Communication Group.

    What are the top cities for Marketing Management jobs?

    There is an intense market competition for these jobs. Preferred candidates must therefore be thoroughly qualified and experienced. Jobs are available in New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta.

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