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How to become a Sales Manager

A varied educational background is suitable for those wishing to enter the position of a sales manager, with preference given to those with experience in a related field. The majority of companies will promote from within to fill the position with a suitable candidate. Those that have been in the positions of sales representative, buyers, or purchasing agents have the best chances for promotion to management positions in sales.

A background in business related courses will increase the chances of obtaining the position of sales manager when employed in a sales position or related field within a company. The personality of a sales manager must be outgoing due to the amount of people they are required to interact with each day.

What does a Sales Manager do?

Sales managers are responsible for the direction of a sales program within a company. The assignment of sales territories and goals for the sales staff are the responsibility of the sales managers. Those in the position of sales manager are also responsible for the organization and establishment of training programs to increase the quality of performance from the existing sales staff. Sales managers will also help existing sales representatives find weak points in sales techniques and improve upon them in order to increase the amount of sales made in an effort to increase the profits received by both the staff and company.

The contact with dealers and distributors is the responsibility of the sales manager to maintain. Sales statistics are analyzed in order to get accurate sales potential and meet inventory needs by monitoring the preference of customers and sending results to the appropriate departments within the company or organization. Sales managers will also make orders to keep the inventory properly stocked to match the projected sales and ensure that orders can be filled adequately. The overall goal of a sales manager is to maximize a company's profit.

Sales managers are also required to travel to various events to keep them up to date with the latest market trends. Computers are utilized to enter sales and contact information in larger firms in order to speed up the process and increase sales potential for the staff.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Sales Manager?

A degree in business administration with marketing as an emphasis is preferred by employers and having done an internship while in school will help to increase the chances of being promoted to sales manager. Those wishing to enter into more technical fields as a sales manager will require a back ground in science and engineering.

Creativity, the willingness to work long hours and to travel are all a plus when it comes to getting promoted to the position of sales manager. Certifications programs are available to make the possibility of obtaining a promotion to sales manager easier for sales representatives and others in related positions within the company or organization. Communications skills are vital due to the relationship of the sales manager to the staff, vendors, distributors and clients.

How much do Sales Managers make?

In 2006 the average annual earnings for a sales manager was just over ninety-one thousand dollars and was dependent on the size of sales territory and bonuses received. Salaries varied drastically from industry to industry. The lowest annual earnings for sales managers in 2006 was experienced by those employed in machinery, equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers at just over ninety-three thousand dollars annually. The highest earnings were for sales managers employed in the professional and commercial equipment and supplies merchant wholesale industries, and were over one hundred and twelve thousand dollars annually.

Sales managers currently average an annual salary of $90,000 with the lowest ten percent of the earnings range averaging over seventy-one thousand dollars annually while the highest ten percent of the earning range have an average earnings of over one hundred-thirty-six thousand dollars annually. Mid-range earnings for sales mangers range from eighty-four thousand to almost one hundred and nineteen thousand dollars annually.

With bonuses sales managers' current earnings are estimated to average well over one hundred thousand dollars annually according to the salary calculator at Those in the lowest ten percent of the earnings range earn just over eighty-two thousand dollars annually when bonuses are included while those in the highest ten percent earn almost one hundred ninety-seven thousand dollars annually on average. (Bonuses for sales managers are normally equal to a minimum of ten percent of overall sales which is usually more than the annual base salary received.)

The salary of a sales manager is dependant not only on the size of the sales territory being covered but the amount of actual sales made which will affect the amount of bonuses received. The amount of responsibility given to a sales manager, the length of employment, industry, firm size and educational background will all have an affect on the amount of salary that is earned.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Susannah E. Hart is the executive director of the Manufacturers' Agents National Association which offers certification programs to help sales representatives advance into the field of management.

Dr. Daniel McQuiston Ph.D, CSP is the education director for the Manufacturer's Agents National Association.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

The Manufacturers' Agents National Association, located in Lake Forest, CA provides manufactures with field representatives to expand the sales coverage area while reducing company expenses and providing needed information to sales representatives in order for them to advance to the position of sales management.

The Manufacturers' Representatives Educational Research Foundation located in Arvada, CO provides educational programs for the certification of sales representatives which can help them advance to the position of sales manager.

What are the top cities for Sales Manager jobs?

When it comes to finding a position as a sales manager the top city as far as job availability is Chicago, Illinois followed by Houston, TX. New York, NY comes in third closely followed by Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.

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