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How to become a Promoter

Most promoter or demonstrator positions do not require education beyond a high school diploma or GED. Most of what a promoter must do is explained during the course of on-the-job training. During this process promoters are informed of the product, features, how to use the product, and how to properly demonstrate it. Promoters may also be informed of employer's policies and procedures as well as the proper way to tend to a customer's needs.

Some promoter positions may require applicants to have some knowledge of the industry. For example, a technology company may require that their promoters have knowledge of technology, how the specific technology affects other things, and what the technology means for everyone. Those with industry specific knowledge may have a slight edge over other applicants.

Some models may also be classified as a promoter. While most modeling jobs do not require a post-secondary degree, some models do attend modeling schools which train students in walking, make-up, and posing. However, modeling school attendance is not required for most positions. In fact some agents discourage potential models from attending modeling school because most of what is taught in these schools can also be taught by one's modeling agency.

What does a Promoter do?

The main job of a promoter is to promote a product. This can be done a variety ways either by demonstrating the product or in the case of clothing, wearing the product. Promoters, whether they are promoting products or clothing, will also need to interact with the public and sometimes even need to assist with customers.

Promoter positions can be found in nearly every career field from technology to medical and even retail. It is the promoter's job to have a great amount of product knowledge in order to educate the public properly about the product as well as sell the product.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Promoter?

Promoters regardless of whether they are modeling a product or clothes should have good communication skills as well as be neatly dressed and well groomed. One should have an easy going personality, the ability to listen well, and the ability to take rejection. This is vitally important because not everyone will buy what one is selling. If a promoter/model was to develop a bad attitude, the door could be closed to future deals or projects. Additionally, humor and the ability to entertain an audience are beneficial. Travel may also be an important part of the job especially for those involved in concert and race promotions. Therefore, prospective employees should be able to manage schedules, time, and finances well.

Some promoter positions may also require that the employee actually sell a product on-site. Promoters should be trustworthy in that they are not likely to steal and will give their employer honest reports about their promotions.

Those that promote products through modeling should be photogenic and have at the very least a working knowledge of hair, makeup, and style. Some local governments require that models under the age of 18 apply for and receive a work permit.

There are few professions that place an emphasis on outward appearances more than modeling. It is therefore important that potential models be attractive, well dressed, and well groomed. However, requirements for jobs vary depending on the client. Requirements include height, weight, and size.

How much does a Promoter make?

Promoters make an average off $10.65 per hour. The middle 50% averaged between $8.77 and 13.91 while only the bottom 10% made less than $7.70. The top 10% averaged $19.27 per hour. Generally, employers pay travel expenses.

Models earned an average of $11.22 per hour in 2006. The middle 50% made between $9.52 and $14.42. Only 10% of models made less than $7.67 while the top 10% made more than $18.68 per hour. Pay rates for models depend on a variety of things such as the type of modeling, experience, and reputation. Female models usually earn more than male models. Sometimes a model may receive clothing or a clothing discount in addition to or in the place of a salary. Additionally, all models pay 15 to 20% of all their earnings to their agent.

Promoter positions regardless of whether one is promoting a product or modeling clothes can sometimes be short-lived meaning they only last a few days. Some positions may not require employees to work every day thus giving employees a flexible schedule.
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Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Jim Hefner is the current 2008 President for the Southern Gospel Promoters Association (SPGA). Hefner has spent many years promoting southern gospel music and as President he has worked with a number of promoters, musicians, and arena owners to support the members of the SPGA.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

There are a number of organizations throughout the country that come together to help support promoters. However, these organizations can sometimes be industry specific. Some of these organizations include The Southern Gospel Promoters Association (SGPA) and The American Kart Track Promoter's association.

The SGPA was formed to give concert promoters the assistance and support that is needed to make a greater impact in the concert arena. The SGPA also provides an information center to its members that allows research, inquiries, and provides current information.

The AKTPA was formed to offer track promoters and track owners insurance programs and other types of support that independent track owners often lack. The organization provides its members with a list of approved vendors that promoters can work with to ensure a successful event.

What are the top cities for Promoter jobs?

Available promoter positions can be found nationwide and are not necessarily dependent on any one thing. However, larger cities will have more positions available. Additionally, promoter positions span nearly every career field and therefore there is wide array of potential job prospects. Presently Arlington, Texas tops the list with the highest number of promoter positions that are available. Arlington is followed by New York, Boston, Phoenix, Mesa, Ogden, and Omaha.

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