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How to become a Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists are professionals who are tasked with the responsibility of analyzing and examining the marketing and promotional potential of individual firms. They are also responsible for the design and creation of marketing and promotional tools that will enable the firm to make more inroads into the target market. Marketing specialists play a number of roles in this duty. Key among these is the overseeing and implementation of vital areas of the marketing plan designed for a given firm or establishment.

Most entry-level marketing specialists have bachelor's degrees in marketing, communication, or advertising. Some employers look for individuals who have previously worked in marketing or advertising related firms. Other employers look for applicants who have demonstrated the ability to market and advertise effectively in sectors that are related to the firm's core area of business, which may be in finance, health care, sales, or even information technology. Applicants for the position of marketing specialist often have degrees in the areas of marketing. Many of these persons have bachelor's degrees or master's degrees in business administration and have majored in marketing. An academic background that includes knowledge in the areas of math, statistics, management, business law, and economics are highly recommended. A marketing specialist can also have a bachelor's degree or higher in advertising. They should have an academic background that has covered marketing, sales, market research, and consumer behavior. Those who prefer to work as marketing specialists in highly technical firms such as engineering firms can combine a bachelor's degree say in mechanical engineering with a master's degree in business administration. Marketing specialists can further their careers to become marketing managers for the firms they work for. This is because most firms prefer promoting their own staff to the top positions based on work experience and performance.

What does a Marketing Specialist do?

A marketing specialist is responsible for finding ways and methods in which a given firm can optimize its promotional potential. Marketing specialists do this by creating and designing promotional tools and materials to market and promote the firm to the target market audience. In their job description, marketing specialists can play a number of roles that are all aimed at making the marketing and promotional campaign successful. They are often required to take up the role of being marketing coordinators. This task normally involves supervising and overseeing the activities of subordinate marketing staff who have been assigned the responsibility of creating or designing portions of the complete marketing strategy. The marketing specialist has to make sure that all the portions of the strategy that are being handled by separate groups or individuals add up and reflect the overall intended purpose. As a marketing coordinator, the marketing specialist is in charge of the entire department that has been assigned the duty of creating a marketing plan. In addition to the marketing plan, the marketing specialist also has to prepare a marketing budget for the client firm. The marketing specialist is also responsible for conducting a comprehensive market research. Marketing research is usually undertaken in the form of focus groups and surveys. The marketing specialist has to hold marketers meetings for the purposes of developing new and novel market strategies. These meetings are also vital for the assessment and evaluation of customer service and service programs. Last but not least, the marketing specialist oversees the layout, conception and development of seasonal program brochures.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Marketing Specialist?

Marketing specialists are required to be persons of great resourcefulness and creativity. They should have the ability to take bold and calculated initiatives to effectively meet the clients' expectations. Marketing specialists should have excellent communication skills since they will be in charge of subordinate marketing staff or departments who will be responsible for creating individual components of the complete marketing plan. They therefore should have the ability to communicate their ideas and insights effectively. Marketing specialists should have equally good people skills that will be necessary when dealing with their clients. They should be able to listen attentively to intended details and of course give helpful inputs to their clients. They should have outgoing personalities and self-confidence. Marketing specialists should be adept at conducting marketing research, forward thinking, and possess problem-solving abilities.

How much does a Marketing Specialist make?

In May of 2006 marketing specialists earned an annual median average $47,350. Marketing specialists in the highest 10 percentile earned an annual average of $89,220 while those who were in the lowest 10 percentile made an average of $28,080. An analysis of the industries that hire the highest number of marketing specialists revealed that those who were employed in the management of firms and enterprises made an average of $52,940. Marketing specialists in business, professional, political, and labor organizations made an average of $51,400. Marketing specialists in advertising and other associated services earned an average annual salary of $49,980.

Who are some leading professionals in this field?

Ken Kabira is the EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Chicago Transit Authority. He has previously worked as the Executive Vice President of Counsel at Lipman Hearne Inc., SVP & Chief Marketing Officer at National-Louis University and VP, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald's Japan. He has excelled at launching market leading brands, upending business decline, and enhancing the brand trust levels in a number of customer oriented categories.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

Bain & Mercer is the leading Google marketing specialist firm in Asia. The firm has its core business in the areas of search engine marketing, web design and development, social media marketing and web analytics. The firm is based in Singapore and has offices in Thailand and Malaysia. Their clients are found in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Valassis is the largest marketing services firm in the US and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Valassis specializes in a range of media products that encompass internet marketing, direct mail, and newspaper promotions.

What are the top cities for Marketing Specialist jobs?

Qualified and experienced marketing specialists can find employment in New York, Boston, Houston, Dallas and Chicago.

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