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How to become an Adult Education Teacher

The main requirement to become an adult education teacher is have expertise in the subject area being taught. Whether employed by a federally funded state school, educational institution or a community center, most employers expect an instructor to hold a bachelor's or master's degree in their field and a portfolio of work may be required to be considered for employment.

Some instructors obtain a M.A. in Adult Education where they take courses on Methods of Adult Learning and Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction. Programs tend to take two years to complete and students graduate with skills that equip them for employment in teaching positions or administration and supervisory roles.

Most programs recommend that adult literacy and remedial education teachers take classes on teaching adults, using technology to teach, working with learners from a variety of cultures, and teaching adults who have learning disabilities. ESL teachers should also take classes where they learn about second language acquisition theory and linguistics. GED teachers should know what is required to pass the GED and be able to instruct students in the subject matter.

There are very few opportunities for advancement in this profession. Most jobs are part time and offer limited career potential. However, those who do have full-time jobs often do administrative work along with teaching. Others may go into policy work at a nonprofit organization or perform research. Experienced teachers tend to mentor new teachers.

What do Adult Education Teachers do?

The field of adult education covers areas of remedial and literacy education, English as a Second Language (ESL), continuing education, vocational training, and self-enrichment.

Adult Education teachers are trained educators or professionals who teach courses to equip adults in practical skills needed to work in administration, teaching, or perform specific skills for industry positions.

Adult Education consists of self-enrichment, adult literacy, remedial education, and GED teachers and instructors. The majority of teachers are employed through Adult Learning Centers, libraries, or community colleges. Individuals may work for state and local governments, providing basic education at juvenile detention and corrections institutions. Adult Education teachers work for job training facilities; nonprofit, religious, and social service organizations; and residential care facilities. Many more remedial and ESL teachers can be found at through jobs nowadays, paid by employers to teach English and math to workers.

Teachers in Adult Education provide instruction in a wide variety of subjects. Some teach a series of classes that provide students with useful life skills, such as cooking, personal finance and time management. Instructors may teach classes for recreation, such as photography, pottery or painting. Some teachers conduct courses on academic subjects, such as literature, foreign language and history in a non-academic setting.

What Skills or Qualities do Adult Education Teachers need?

Adult Education teachers should have excellent speaking skills and demonstrate both experience and knowledge in the subject matter being taught. Individuals need to be able to connect with the specific age group they are teaching.

Adult Education teachers are expected to complete specialized coursework and ongoing professional development in both effective teaching strategies and in their core subject of interest. Many adult remedial educators get a graduate degree in GED preparation or literacy.

ESL teachers must hold either a TESL certificate or an ESL credential: either a bachelor's or preferably a master's degree in ESL.

Continuing education programs, staffed mainly by industry professionals, often require at least three years' work experience. A background in online pedagogy and technology is also an asset.

How much do Adult Education Teachers make?

The median hourly earnings recorded for adult education teachers was $16.08 in May 2006, with the highest earning being more than $32.02. Adult Education teachers are paid by the hour or for each class that they teach. Earnings may also be tied to the number of students enrolled in their class.

Part-time instructors are usually paid for each class that they teach, and receive few benefits. Full-time teachers are generally paid a salary and may receive health insurance and other benefits.

The majority of staffed adult education teachers teach part-time while being employed full-time in another occupation--often related to the subject that they instruct.

Classes in adult education are held in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate students who work business hours and/or have family responsibilities.

Who are some influential Professionals in this field?

Malcolm Knowles, the creator of the Andragogy theory and influential in developing the Humanist Learning Theory, was an adult educator in the United States. He served as the Director of Adult Education at the YMCA in Boston from 1940 to 1943. Later, he was the executive director of the Adult Education Association of the USA. Finally, he became an associate professor of adult education at Boston University.

What are some leading Organizations in this field?

The International Society for Comparative Adult Education (ISCAE) is an association of organizations and individuals who are in the field of adult education; specifically comparative adult education. This organization has members in over 30 different countries worldwide, but primarily in Australia, Germany, and the United States.

Top Cities for Adult Education Teachers.

Employment for adult education teachers is expected to increase by 23 percent between 2006 and 2016. The top cities for adult education teacher jobs are Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizon, with Baltimore, Maryland close behind.

Teachers in this profession held about 261,000 jobs in 2006. The largest number of teachers were employed by public and private educational institutions, religious organizations, or providers of social assistance and amusement-recreation services. More than 20 percent of workers were self employed.

Opportunities should be best for teachers of subjects that are not easily researched on the Internet and those that benefit from hands-on experiences, such as cooking, crafts and the arts. Classes on self-improvement, personal finance, and computer and Internet-related subjects are also expected to be popular.

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