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How to become a Writer

Before we commence, let's take a moment to acknowledge this simple fact: not everybody that writes can be called a writer. After all, we all can write words on a piece of paper, yet we're no writers. The secret lies in how we write. That being said, a writer is anyone who creates work that is written professionally and creatively, work that ends up being paid for and published. An author is most definitely a writer, but not all writers are authors.

To become a writer you will first have to read tons of books. Literally tons. Then you will have to have talent. Where there's no talent, there's nothing. Then you'll have to write like crazy, to get experience - you will be writing without stop, without breath. Your life will be comprised solely of reading and writing intensely in those early, training, learning-to-fly days.

A writer may compose in lots of forms such as poetry, prose, music and anything else his or her imagination gives birth to. Man has been writing since the alphabet was invented, using only a chisel and a clay tablet, and humankind has a long line of writers to thank for the cultural advancements and thinking development throughout the ages.

Writers contribute to the cultural advancement of a society which, in turn, greatly values its literature as much as any other art form. Written culture has the same, if not more, influence as the visual arts, music and / or other forms of expression. An idea has to be first articulated, and if it's a good idea and you want to keep it, you will most definitely write it down, even if that idea is executed in other media.

You don't need any degree or formal education to start certain writing careers. However, without the minimum book reading and writing training you will not succeed. If you want to work as a writer full time, then you'll have to have finished some sort of Degree, be it a journalism, english, law or fine arts education. Besides that, you can always obtain creative writing certifications, complete courses in training in writing to further your chances to land a writing job.

What does a Writer do?

A writer writes. Period. What a writer writes depends on what type of work he or she is involved with. A journalist will investigate facts and write about them in an objective manner or, if he's an opinions journalist, he will research his pieces thoroughly and then write editorials that coherently express his or her view.

An Internet writer or blogger will write web content. All websites need written content, so that's where Internet writers come in. They will research and write all sorts of articles, fillers and any other type of content your website needs.

A blog writer will write posts on blogs, on different themes and subjects, depending on what type of blogs he's writing for. In exchange for the content he produces, he's paid by the blog owners or he monetizes his own blog through advertising and other revenue streams.

An advertising copywriter will write text that will hopefully entertain but, more importantly, sell a product. A copywriter is a master of language and ideas, a sparkling personality that will make anyone drool over the most unappetizing of products. This is why copywriters are greatly valued, and get paid handsomely for their craft.

A book writer will write books for money and, in the process, will hope to become famous and perhaps very rich. This is the most difficult part for a writer of books, to become famous, as the competition is very fierce.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Writer?

The most important thing you'll have to have in order to become a writer is talent. If you've got talent, you can develop everything else. If not, well, then you've got no chance and should change your career choice.

If you do decide to go ahead then you'll have to constantly read a huge amount of books, in order to keep your mind sharp and informed. Even more importantly, you must be able to constantly write, to keep your writing skills honed and at a high level of competence.

Other than that, you need perseverance, patience, the ability to survive in a stressful field of work, have the ability to meet sometimes demanding deadlines and have an open mind.

How much does a Writer make?

As previously stated, there are too many types of writing jobs out there for us to be able to give a pertinent pay estimate. However, we're writing for the Internet, so we're going to give you the estimate for a web content writer - the least anyone can make writing for the web.

Depending on where you live and what type of content you're writing you could be making anything between $41,906 and $49,151, with the extremes ranging between $37,342 and $51,183.

However if you become a successful fiction writer the sky is literally the limit. J K Rowling must be cited as an example of that extreme.
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Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Again, it's impossible for us to list all the influential professionals in the field of writing, as there are literally millions across the world. We'll give some info on one of the most influential contemporary writers ever to grace the States: Chuck Palahniuk.

Charles Michael "Chuck" Palahniuk is an American fiction novelist and freelance journalist. Everybody in the world knows him thanks to the award-winning novel Fight Club, made famous by director David Fincher in Fight Club - the movie.

Chuck Palahniuk was born in Pasco, Washington, as son of Carol and Fred Palahniuk. He grew up in a mobile home until his parents separated and divorced. He attended the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and graduated in 1986.

His first novel, Fight Club, was first refused by a publishing house because it was "too disturbing". He went on to make it even more disturbing, and then got it published.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

The American Society of Journalists and Authors gives professional freelance writers help in advancing their writing careers. The members share data on writing rates, contracts, editors, agents and even more. The Society offers resources to both members and non-members, through newsletters and conferences.

What are the top cities for Writing jobs?

There's no city like New York, NY, when it comes to writers. There are plenty of jobs for everyone, and a chance for stardom at every corner. The second spot is taken by Chicago, IL, whilst the third is given to Houston, TX.

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