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How can I learn to become an Audio Visual Engineer?

Although most experience is provided on the job, most employers require at least a high school diploma. It is beneficial to have some post-high school education in broadcasting technology, radio equipment, sound equipment, etc. Many colleges and trade schools offer degrees and certification programs in these areas. There is no specific licensing or certification required to be an audio visual engineer.

It is highly important to note that audio visual engineer is most definitely not a formal, licensed and recognized formal engineering discipline, like electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering but it is definitely coming into it's own with the influx of home and business automation and home theaters.

What are the job responsibilities of an Audio Visual Engineer?

Audio visual engineers usually work at meetings and events, businesses and homes to coordinate, implement, and provide audio visual services and equipments. This often involves working with sound systems, various types of projection screens, mixers, speakers, lighting equipment, projector technologies, recording equipment, etc. These engineers are employed by hotels and events facilities, school campuses, corporate buildings, concert venues, sports facilities, broadcasting facilities, motion picture companies, etc.

Some audio visual engineers work exclusively with either audio or visual. Audio engineers work on recording and manipulating sound though electronic devices, such as mixers and other machines, to achieve a number of effects. In some cases, the goal may be to isolate certain sounds, clarify sounds on a recording and reduce background noise, combine sounds in music, for example, or help balance sound. Audio engineering is considered an artistic enterprise, and is widely used in the music and broadcasting industries. Audio engineering is also differentiated from acoustical engineering, which as more to do with how sound travels, is absorbed or not and redirected. Acoustical engineering deals more with they physics of sound where audio engineering deals with the art of sound.

Some engineers deal mostly with visual and focus on lighting and the visual part of broadcasting and multi-medial. Their machines of choice are more about broadcasting and monitoring equipment, lighting equipment, screens and monitors of all sorts, etc. They help set up the visual part of an event experience, for example, at conventions or concerts.

Some audio visual engineers work directly for a theater, hospitality, event center or other facility, while others either work with audio visual companies that outsource their services or sometimes sole proprietors who have their own businesses and are one-man bands.

What skills or aptitudes should I have to become an Audio Visual Engineer

Technical aptitude is, of course, a must. As many positions in this field are also customer serviced oriented, soft skills are also highly important to providing good service and maintaining service quality. Many engineers work independently on their specific part of the event, and at smaller facilities, often only one engineer will be available to service a number of events. At larger facilities, engineers do work in larger teams - it all depends on the type of facility and the size of events that require teamwork or the ability to work well independently. Some parts of the job can be stressful, with changing needs and requests from clients, breaking down machinery and equipment that either needs repair or replace, or in the case of outdoor events, dealing with the elements. The ability to problem solve effectively and efficiently in these situations is very important.

How much does an Audio Visual Engineer make?

In 2007 Sound Engineering Technicians made the most with a range of $23,000 - $96,000+. Broadcast technicians made the least from $17,000 - 66,000+.

Who are some notable professionals in the field of Audio Visual Engineering?

As you can imagine, there are so many people in this field, it would be hard to describe one type of engineer as "influential". Perhaps the best place to look would be the leadership of key organizations. For example, David K. Rehr is the President and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters

What are some professional organizations associated with Audio Visual Engineering?

Some leading organizations in this field are the National Association of Broadcasters, the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and InfoComm International. Other notable organizations are equipment manufacturers that make home and business AV automation products.

What are the top cities for Audio Visual Engineering jobs?

Depending on the type of industry one is interested in, opportunities vary. For example, if one is interested in sound and visual for motion pictures, southern California is obviously the place to be. But, at the same time, because every hotel, conference/concert venue and college/university has need of technicians in this field, there is a broad range of opportunities in almost every major city in the US.

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