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How to become a Gaming Investigator

Employers require at least a ,b>high school diploma, but beyond that, there seems to be no particular way one pursues a career in gaming investigation. Some colleges and technical schools offer surveillance and/or security certification programs. Many employers offer on the job training and start applicants out as security guards, which is a related profession and department. Because employers are usually companies who have hospitality establishments, like hotels and casinos, and if they require their guards to be armed, training with the use of firearms and use of non firing weaponry is a highly meticulous process, as employers often hold ultimate responsibility if something goes awry - an event which can have dire impact on a hospitality establishment. By and large, employers are looking for applicants who already have a strong knowledge of casino operations and a base of experience. Experience brings with it certain intuition and skills that cannot be communicated in a purely classroom setting, as knowledge of people is highly important.

What does a Gaming Investigator do?

Gaming investigators primarily work at and for casinos and other establishments where gambling happens. Using surveillance tools and techniques, gaming investigators observe the activities happening on the casino floor and within casino operations, keeping an eye on gambling patrons, casino workers at the games tables, and keeping an eye out for known criminals. They also assist in helping the establishment comply with gambling regulations, which can sometimes be a highly technical and mechanically oriented task as gaming machines play as much a part of the gambling scene as do the games tables with live action. Gaming investigators are also called gaming surveillance officers or surveillance agents, as this part of their work accounts for most of their responsibilities. The surveillance tools they employ are video and audio observation and recording equipment, strategically placed investigators on the floor itself, maintaining patrols on specially constructed catwalks and other specially designed structures for observation, and using one-way mirrors in various places (legally placed, of course) to monitor casino patron and worker behavior alike. The job is completely aimed at making sure no illegal activity is occurring. And, as the saying goes that in casinos, one is always being watched. The gaming investigators and surveillance personnel are the ones doing the watching.

Once perpetrators are caught and apprehended, investigators may assist law enforcement agents in the investigation and testimony against perpetrators.

Gaming investigators and their surveillance personnel brethren are differentiated from the officials from the various state gaming commissions, who are considered to be government officers. Investigators who work at the casinos and other facilities are not officers, but instead are in the employ of companies.

What skills or qualities should I have to become a Gaming Investigator?

Obviously, this job requires both physical ability and mental alertness and the ability to concentrate. In many ways, the idea of being able to multi-task is important, as one must be able to pay attention to many things at the same time. The type of intelligence required is a mind that is calm during crisis and one that possess strong common sense and good judgment. Employers area also looking for people who follow orders and directives readily and who have characters upstanding enough to testify in court as credible witnesses. This job requires a lot of teamwork, so people who smoothly well with groups of people are valued.

How much do Gaming Investigators make?

In 2007 gaming inspectors made from $19,000 - $46,000+.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Leaders in this field are generally recognized s the leaders of the key professional and government organizations in this area. For example, Peter C. Bernhard is the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Dennis K. Neilander is the chairman of the and Nevada State Gaming Control Board.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

Some organizations in this field are the American Society for Industrial Security International, the Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board, and the National Indian Gaming Commission. For information about other gaming commissions by state, see each of those state's individual websites.

What are the top cities for Gaming Investigator jobs?

Obviously, only in places where gambling is legal, whether within certain states or on certain indigenous peoples' territories, are there jobs like these available. Obviously, Las Vegas, Reno,

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