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How to become a Gaming Dealer

To become a gaming dealer it is not usually necessary that a candidate meet a minimum educational requirement. Instead, casinos individually set their criteria for hiring, such as experience and education,/b>. Most casinos prefer to hire employees with at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Gaming dealers must have a license before they are hired. To obtain this license, a prospective gaming dealer must show photo identification and provide proof of residency in whatever state they are working in. Usually the prospective employee must also pay a fee and undergo a background check as well.

Most casinos provide training to their employees, but this training can vary depending upon the casino, its location, and what exactly the employee will be doing. This training may be in the form of classes or it may be much less formal.

Most gaming dealers are certified, and many other people going into the gaming industry get a degree in some form of hospitality or hospitality management. Those with more experience are usually placed at the tables that the bigger betters frequent. Gaming dealers should have experience handling cash, and have basic mathematics skills.

What does a Gaming Dealer do?

Gaming dealers usually work in casinos, although there are other areas for gaming, such as charitable gaming. Gaming is a huge and lucrative industry that employs many people. Some of these people need to be skilled and others do not. While some gaming dealers do not need to be skilled, others, such as blackjack dealers, must have knowledge of the specific game.

Most gaming dealers work in casinos, but not all casinos refer to them as "gaming dealers." However, they all perform the same basic job tasks of interacting with casino patrons, dealing cards, exchanging chips, and otherwise helping the patrons of the gambling establishment. Some gaming dealers advance to become gaming supervisors and oversee other dealers.

Gaming dealers must remain pleasant with patrons but are required to stand for long periods of time and are often exposed to a great deal of secondhand smoke, which can harm their health. In addition, they often work in very noisy areas, and sometimes need hearing protection.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Gaming Dealer?

Gaming dealers deal with the public in almost everything they do, so they must constantly be pleasant and personable. Gaming dealers may interact with people who are intoxicated, angry, or upset, and must remain calm, so good interpersonal skills are essential. In addition, gaming dealers must have basic math skills and understand the games for which they are dealing.

How much do Gaming Dealers make?

Gaming dealers generally make between $13,000 and $18,000 per year plus tips, although gaming supervisors make considerably more; closer to the $40,000 mark. Of course, the amount earned depends on location and hours worked. Some gaming dealers work full time while others work only part time, making much less money. The salary doesn't fully reflect the opportunity as some dealers make well into the six-figures once tips are counted in.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Dr. Tony Alamo is one of the members of the Nevada State Gaming Commission, a powerful regulatory agency in Nevada which oversees casinos. Alamo was previously the chairman of the Nevada Athletic Commission before taking the job on the Nevada State Gaming Commission.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

The Nevada Gaming Commission is one of the important government agency which regulates all casinos in Nevada, founded in 1959.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is another state agency that regulates casinos in Nevada. Nevada is not the only state with casinos, but it is the state with the most casinos per capita, and the one most famous for its casinos.

What are the top cities for Card Dealer jobs?

The top cities for gaming dealer jobs are obviously those with the most casinos. Nevada has the most casinos per capita and is also the most famous for its casinos, especially in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada is the top city in the United States for gaming dealer jobs, while Atlantic City, New Jersey is in second place. Reno, Nevada comes in at third place for American cities which are good for gaming dealer jobs.

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