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How to become a Sales Person

Depending on the area of sales that one is looking to venture into, a high school diploma or GED may be all that is required. These types of sales positions can include retail sales, counter sales, and rental sales. In some cases, it is possible to begin in one position and become a sales person through promotions. These types of opportunities occur most often in the manufacturing industries and wholesale supplier industries. Within the retail sales industry, it is also not uncommon to move from a sales floor position into a managerial position. While both positions may be sales related, the managerial positions offer more benefits for employees.

Other sales person positions may require a college degree. Such positions include advertising sales agents, sales engineers, and those in the financial industry. Some of these positions may even require continuing education.

Regardless of the industry, it is not uncommon for employers to require that sales applicants have previous sales experience. Therefore, an entry level position may be best for those just starting out.

What does a Sales Person do?

The job responsibilities of a sales person will vary depending on the industry, but generally speaking, a sales person essentially takes care of the company's customers. Within the retail industry, taking care of the customer can be as simple as assisting them in finding the right size or product or handling an exchange/return. Other sales people may have to take care of customers from a distance. This type of care can consist of emails, phone calls, and even personal visits to make sure that the customer is happy and has everything that is needed. The next step, of course, is supplying whatever the customer needs.

Advertising sales people are usually responsible for filling advertising space. Depending on one's level within the advertising world, a sales person may work with a large number of people including the customer, printers, and graphic design artists.

Other sales people, including realtors and insurance representatives, work with their customers and others to ensure that the customer receives the best product for their money.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Sales Person?

Sales people must be good listeners and should be unbiased. This means that they should not push a particular product or service just because they feel it is the best. Rather, sales people should choose to sell quality products and services that fit the needs of the customer.

Sales people should also present themselves well as they are going to be, in a lot of cases, the first person a customer sees; therefore, the customer will form their opinion of the company based on the salesperson. Presenting themselves well includes having a good command of the English language, being dressed well, and being groomed well.

Depending on the area of sales, a sales person may not work the normal 8-5 work shift. Sometimes, especially in situations where the sales person has to travel, it will not be uncommon to have a 60 hour work week. Other areas of sales may require employees to work the evening shift. Therefore, those looking to go into sales must be prepared to work unusual hours.

How much does a Sales Person make?

A sales person's salary will vary depending on the industry as well as the level within a company and experience. Retail sales people can expect to make anywhere from the federal mandated minimum wage of $5.85 per hour to $9.44 per hour. Most of these positions do not give employees commissions; however, employees can pick up extra shifts to make more money.

Advertising sales agents can expect to make $29,000 to $63,000 per year. Ten percent of all advertising sales agents made over $91,280 per year. Many times a large chunk of an advertising sales agent's salary will depend on commissions. Commission rates will vary depending on the employer.

Realtors earned between $37,800 and $102,000, including commissions. A realtor's salary will depend somewhat on the area in which one works. Low-income/rural areas tend to have lower home prices while more developed/metropolitan areas have higher home prices. These home prices will affect the realtor's end commission amount. Insurance sales people earn between $31,000 and $61,000, while travel agents earn between $23,000 and $39,000.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, has been in the marketing and sales field for a number of years and is the bestselling author of the five books in the Guerrilla Series. Wilson is often called upon to speak at various sales functions and is considered to be an expert in the field of sales. His Guerrilla Series deals with common problems within the sales field such as how to negotiate a price, what to do when you can get things cheaper, what to do when a price objection is really just for show, how to justify your price, when customers will pay extra, and how to deal with internet sites that charge a lower price.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

The Sales Association was developed to help professional sales people not only develop their skills in order to meet their client's needs but also to help with business development. The association offers its members networking opportunities as well as a resource center.

The American Sales Association is another leading organization in the field of sales. This organization supports its members through a variety of resources, including workshops, events, and self-studies.

What are the top cities for Sales Person jobs?

Sales jobs will vary depending on the industry in which one is looking. Small communities and rural areas will offer the smallest amount of opportunities for retail sales while large cities such as state capitals, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Seattle will offer more selection of retail sales positions.

Other sales positions such as advertising will be more common in larger cities. Realtor, Insurance, and other similar positions may be more prone to local market conditions; therefore, opportunities will vary.

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