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How to become a Scheduling Clerk

Scheduling clerks serve a purpose to those in the workforce that have hectic schedules by keeping them organized and setting schedules to avoid conflicts. Those wishing to enter into the clerical field as a scheduling clerk or scheduling coordinator must have obtained a high school diploma or GED. Normally six months of experience is required in the setting that they wish to work in, e.g. a medical, court or business setting.

Those entering into specific fields will be required to obtain the licenses and certifications needed to meet job requirements. Those in the airline industry should have an undergraduate degree or training that is equivalent along with some experience. Customer service experience is also helpful to those wishing to enter into the aviation field as a scheduling clerk.

What does a Scheduling Clerk do?

The specific job tasks of the scheduling clerk will vary depending on the field of business they choose to work in - such as the court system or a pharmacy; they are sometimes grouped with receptionists and perform reception duties as well. Every type of scheduling clerk will schedule and coordinate the flow of work between different people and departments.

Scheduling clerks employed by the court system schedule pending cases by taking general information related to the case including the docket number, involved parties and the judge that will be presiding over the proceedings. When scheduling clerks have finished gathering this information they will then give the times and dates for the judges that will be hearing the cases. A date is then decided on by the person sending the case for a hearing and it is placed on the docket. The scheduling clerk also removes cases that have been settled or need to be removed for various reasons from the docket.

A scheduling clerk (pharmacy technician) will help to assemble prescriptions and help with the general functioning of the pharmacy including the receipt of items needed to fill the prescriptions entering the pharmacy.

Scheduling clerks or coordinators employed in the field of aviation are responsible for flight integrity by ensuring the proper amount of staff is on board the flight. They work in coordination with the pilot and flight attendants and follow Federal Air Regulations to achieve the proper staffing on flights. The main goal of a scheduling clerk in the airline industry is to ensure that the flight is not only safe but reaches its destination on time with minimal delays and no unscheduled stops.

When the job of scheduling clerk is combined with the duties of a receptionist they are responsible for ensuring the proper documents are filled out, greeting people as they enter the office and verifying the insurance information that is provided to them (when working in a medical or dental office).

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Scheduling Clerk?

A scheduling clerk should possess skills in public relations and organizational skills to enable them to coordinate activities without creating conflicts. They should have adequate communication skills so as to enable them to provide telephone services, have basic reception skills such as filing and be able to perform other clerical tasks. Computer skills are also helpful when scheduling and coordination is done on a computer based program and data has to be sent to other departments within the organization.

There must be a commitment to service, professionalism, and the ability to maintain proper conduct at all times by the scheduling clerk. There may be a need for specific licenses and certifications depending on the field that is being specialized in.

Those employed as scheduling clerks must be able to handle themselves under stress and have the ability to be organized. Depending on the field that a scheduling clerk is employed in there may be guidelines and regulations from the government or other sources that have to be studied and understood in order to adequately perform the duties associated with the job.

How much does a Scheduling Clerk make?

Just over twelve dollars an hour is what those employed in fields involving the scheduling, dispatching, distributing of workers and recording of materials that do not fall under a specific category can expect to earn. Those employed as scheduling clerks will normally receive the benefits applied to other workers either by the employer providing them or offering them the opportunity to purchase them.

The actual salary of a scheduling clerk will vary depending on the field that they choose to specialize in. According to as of October 2008 those entering into the field of aviation in office and administrative positions earned a minimum salary of forty thousand dollars annually with the average being over sixty-four thousand annually. The maximum salary for those in this field is currently one hundred and four thousand annually.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Those employed by the leading organizations in the clerical field are among some of the influential professionals in the scheduling clerk field. Those employed by Clerical Business Solutions as virtual assistants help to make the life of the executive easier. Those employed as scheduling clerks for Career Speed, Medical Careers Online, the Think Energy Group, Office Team and Volt are all influential professionals in the clerical field.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

A leading organization in the clerical field is Clerical Business Solution which provides virtual assistants to those in need of them. When it comes to job openings for clerical positions Career Speed is the top organization with the most openings followed by Medical Careers Online. Office Team, Think Energy Group and Volt follow closely as leaders in the field of clerical work as far as the number of job openings are concerned.

What are the top cities for Scheduling jobs?

When it comes to the top cities for scheduling clerk jobs the current number one cities for job openings in this field are Dallas, TX, Phoenix, Arizona and Baltimore, Maryland all with the same amount of openings. Chicago, IL follows closely with slightly fewer openings, followed by Houston, TX.

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