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How to become a Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Shipping and receiving clerk is normally an entry level position requiring nothing more than a high school diploma or its equivalent. There is a need for those wishing to enter into this position to have experience with computers and other equipment due to the fact there is an increasing amount of computerized and automated technology utilized in the performance of tasks associated with the position of shipping and receiving clerk.

Employers provide on the job training for the tasks that are expected of shipping and receiving clerks. Counting and marking of stock are the first things that are learned during this training followed by record keeping and the taking of inventory. The training for any automated equipment utilized will be done through training on the job as well.

What does a Shipping and Receiving Clerk do?

Records of all shipments leaving the business are kept by shipping clerks. The documents for shipping and mailing labels are prepared by shipping clerks. Orders are checked to make sure they are filled properly, the items removed from inventory are recorded and the filling of orders is recorded by shipping clerks. There are times when shipping clerks will fill orders by getting the required items from the stockroom and taking note of declining inventory. They will also wrap and package items in the shipping containers. Labeling and addressing of packages as well as the computation of postal rates and freight charges, recording the cost and total weight of every shipment is part of the job of a shipping clerk. Additional duties of the shipping clerk include the preparation of invoices, furnishing shipment information to the accounting department and sorting and moving items from the warehouse to the point that they will leave the company when the shipment if fully prepared to go, sometimes utilizing a forklift. (There are guidelines and certifications required for the use of a forklift.)

The receiving clerk will perform duties that are much like those of shipping clerks. The verification of incoming orders is done by comparing the original order, invoice and shipment against one another. The shipment and the condition of the items in the shipment are recorded by the receiving clerk with either the utilization of a hand held scanner to read the barcode or by manually entering the data into a computer. The appropriate departments then receive the data that has been collected.

Receiving clerks also check for quantity, price and discount discrepancies in the shipment and may also send the shipments to the proper destination. Receiving platform operations including truck schedules, shipment recording and taking care of damaged goods are handled by receiving clerks at larger organizations.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Shipping and Receiving Clerk?

While shipping and receiving clerks normally need to have only a high school diploma there is an increasing amount of automation in the workplace causing preference to be given to those who have a familiarity with computers and other electronic equipment used in offices. This makes having a basic knowledge of such equipment helpful when applying for a position as a shipping and receiving clerk.

The demands of the job also require you to have good vision to perform the visual inspections of the merchandise in question, as well as strength and stamina due to the time spent standing and moving the shipments which can have a considerable amount of weight. The repetitive and sometimes stressful environment requires those entering into the position of a shipping and receiving clerk to have patience as well as their other skills. There is a chance for advancement due to the fact these are entry level positions; head clerk is a common promotion for shipping and receiving clerks.

Forklift operation requires certifications and licenses that can be obtained through the employer.

How much does a Shipping and Receiving Clerk make?

The average salary for shipping and receiving clerks was just over $26,000 annually with those in the middle earnings range earning just over $20,000 and just under $33,000 annually. Shipping and receiving clerks in the lowest ten percent of the earning bracket earned under $17,000 annually while those in the highest ten percent of the earnings bracket earned just over $40,000 annually.

According to the salary calculator at the average earnings for shipping and receiving clerks is now around $30,000 annually. The lowest ten percent of the earning bracket make just over $24,000 annually while the highest ten percent make just over $38,000 annually. Current mid range earnings for the field are from $27,531 to $35,093 annually.

There are also bonuses and benefits received by shipping and receiving clerks that are not included in these figures.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Those employed by organizations such as the Warehousing Education and Research Council would be influential professionals in the field of shipping and receiving due to the council's availability of information related to the field of shipping and receiving.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

Warehousing Education and Research Council located in Oak Brook, IL is among the leading organizations in the field of shipping and receiving, providing additional information to those in need of it. Jeff Scott Associates currently leads the field with the most available positions.

What are the top cities for Shipping and Receiving Clerk jobs?

The outlook for shipping and receiving clerk jobs is only expected to see a growth of four percent by 2016 which is slower than the average for related fields. While larger companies are becoming increasingly reliant on automated systems there are smaller firms that will continue to have this task completed by hand. These smaller firms will have the need to fill job openings as people retire from or advance within the company.

The top cities for shipping and receiving clerk jobs are currently Crestwood, IL having the most current job openings. Crestwood is followed by Bronx, New York, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tracy, California and Roseville, California which all have the same amount of job openings at the current time.

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