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How to become a Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle mechanics are frequently required to have a formal education these days as the technology of motorcycles continues to become more sophisticated. It is, however, acceptable for a motorcycle mechanic to obtain job skills while on the job or in a similar type of capacity doing something else.

High school graduates who are mechanically inclined may be hired into a trainee type of position where they will have the opportunity to enhance their skills. Candidates for this type of position will posses solid math skills as well as reading and writing skills. A trainee will likely have an advantage if they have taken classes in high school that are geared toward auto mechanics.

Trainees will work closely alongside a mechanic who is experienced in order to gain job skills. Over time, they will graduate to more sophisticated procedures, including rebuilding engines and using complex diagnostic machinery to solve problems on the job. A trainee can expect to spend anywhere from three to five years before they have the skills they need to become a motorcycle mechanic.

Motorcycle mechanics that have graduated from a formal training program geared specifically toward motorcycle repair will likely find it easier to obtain a job. The motorcycle mechanics with formal training will notice that they may advance faster in their job as well.

Once a motorcycle mechanic has finished his or her training, they will likely need to take smaller training programs offered by motorcycle manufacturers to keep their skills up to date as new technologies are constantly being introduced.

Skills learned from being a motorcycle mechanic can also transfer into similar industries. Over time, the motorcycle mechanic may wish to pursue a career in automotive repair and will already have many of the skills that they need to be successful.

What does a Motorcycle Mechanic do?

A motorcycle mechanic repairs and sometimes, overhauls motorcycles. They can work specifically on the motorcycles engine, transmission, brake system, or other components as needed. Some motorcycle mechanics may even be able to perform a certain amount of body work on a motorcycle.

As the name might imply, a motorcycle mechanic works predominantly on motorcycles. It is, however, not out of the question to have a motorcycle mechanic work on other small motorized devices like scooters or dirt bikes. All terrain vehicles are also possible forms of vehicles that a motorcycle mechanic might find themselves tinkering with.

It is not unusual for a motorcycle mechanic to specialize in their services and only work on a few select models of motorcycles. This can be particularly true if the motorcycle mechanic happens to be working for a motorcycle dealer that might only service the vehicles that they sell.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Motorcycle Mechanic?

A successful motorcycle mechanic will not be afraid to get his or her hands dirty. It will be important that the mechanic is able to jump in and tackle the jobs that are presented to him or her no matter how undesirable that they might be.

Being in good physical shape will also be beneficial to a motorcycle mechanic. This type of job requires a substantial amount of physical labor, which includes lifting and bending on a regular basis.

Excellent communication skills will be required in order to be a successful motorcycle mechanic. It is very important that the mechanic be able to communicate with their customer regarding the issues found with the motorcycle so that there are no misunderstandings or issues that affect the customer relationship. Organizational skills will also be important for a motorcycle mechanic as they will need to keep their work load prioritized to be efficient at their job.

How much does a Motorcycle Mechanic make?

A motorcycle mechanic typically earns an hourly wage. The middle 50 percent of motorcycle mechanics earned an hourly wage in the range of $11.31 to $18.41 as of May 2006. The median wage of a motorcycle mechanic was $14.45. The top ten percent of motorcycle mechanics earned more than $23.31 with the lowest ten percent earning less than $8.96.

Motorcycle mechanics find themselves predominantly employed by a dealer. People in this situation typically earn a wage of around $14.42.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

"Indian" Larry Desmedt was a famed motorcycle mechanic and stuntman. His interest in motorcycles formed early. He made his way to California where he worked as an apprentice under Ed Roth who was famed for the hot rods that he built. In 1991, he formed Gasoline Alley, which was a custom motorcycle shop and it quickly became popular. He built several motorcycles that won a variety of awards, including Chopper of the Year as well as multiple bike build-off trophies for the Discovery Channel.

Jesse James, who is the Chief Executive Officer of West Coast Choppers, is another motorcycle mechanic who has gained a substantial amount of fame. His company was formed in his mother's garage but quickly outgrew the structure. James scored early success, which was documented on a show called "Motorcycle Mania," and he later hosted the popular Discovery Channel show, Monster Garage. The bikes he builds are extremely popular and have received much acclaim.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

The Universal Technical Institute provides motorcycle training nationwide. The Universal Technical Institute also operates a brand known as the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Their main goal is to help people learn the skills they need to become successful as motorcycle mechanics. All UTI schools have earned accreditation through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company was founded in 1903. Today, it is one of the most recognized brands of motorcycles available. Many of the motorcycles that police ride have the Harley-Davidson brand name. Hundreds of motorcycle mechanics are employed at Harley-Davidson dealers all over the country.

What are the top cities for Motorcycle Mechanic jobs?

Motorcycle mechanics will find that one of the top cities for jobs is Arrington, Virginia. Two other great cities for jobs are in Canoga Park and Palm Springs, California. Florida also has a few cities that offer job opportunities for motorcycle mechanics, including Miami, Orlando, and Pensacola.

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