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How to become a Handyman

Many employers prefer at least a high school diploma. Applicants must be able to keep up with the physical demands of the job and, of course, pass drug tests. Some workers may work with especially dangerous and toxic materials (e.g. pesticides), which require some special training. Most employers offer on-the-job training, especially with the use of potentially harmful chemicals or operation of certain types of machinery.

To become a freelancing handyman, however, experience is the most important thing. Knowing how to be a jack of all trades (master of a few) may take some years of experience, several jobs in several places, and a steady ability to continue to learn new aspects of electrical work, plumbing, machine and appliance repair and simple construction work.

What does a Handyman do?

A handyman is a worker who performs maintenance on buildings, like assisting with lighting fixtures, simple electrical work, simple plumbing, some carpentry and construction that does not require a license, installation of machinery or physical objects, roofing, window and door installation, bricklaying and tile work, fencing, heating and air condition work, etc.

Basically, they are jacks (or jills) of all trades and do not necessarily hold a contractors, electricians or plumbers' license, but some may. These licenses require a different education and career path, often including apprenticeships and passing license exams. Handymen on the other hand have lots of hands-on experience and focus on helping individuals and companies with the routine, everyday maintenance that may be too complex for someone who does not know what they are doing but too simple to hire a licensed contractor, plumber, etc. Handymen are usually linked to a particular facility and work for large corporations or service providers. Handymen also sometimes provide services directly to individuals, and there are a number of handymen services available for hire. There are many resources for individuals to find handymen for hire, notably the local news paper and many websites, including and or the local listings. These types of freelance handymen also sometimes work with/for realtors and residential building managers to help maintain grounds and facilities.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Handyman?

Handymen must be able to keep up with the physical demands of the job. As they often work alone, ability to be an independent worker is also important. Employers are looking for people with not only hands-on experience and know-how, they are also looking for people who have a professional demeanor and appearance. ,Handymen are often working in workplaces or residences, so simple things like hygiene and appropriate attire are important. Being able to keep a schedule and show up on time is also important, and in a day and age where cell phones are used every day, good verbal communication skills with the dispatcher, client, boss or team is also important. Honesty is something employers and customers also look for. Much like a car mechanic, handymen work on facilities and buildings that are important to people, and doing a thorough, complete and honest job is the heart of what service means. As a freelance handymen, this is even more important if one wishes to have repeat clients.

How much do Handymen make?

In 2007, building maintenance and handymen made between $14,000 - $51,000+. Seniority seems to feature highly into pay. It is not possible, unfortunately, to report on freelance handymen salaries as tha information is much harder to obtain.
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Who are some influential professionals in this field?

Although it would be difficult to talk about influential professionals in this field, because what handymen do encompasses so many fields, there have been iconic TV and movie personalities, like Home Improvement's Tim Taylor (Tim Allen).

What are some leading organizations in this field?

Two important organizations in this field are the California State Handyman Organization

And the Washington State Handyman Organization. There are also many local unions for handymen.

What are the top cities for Handyman jobs?

Because this job is needed in every city, in every building, there is no one city that has the "best" opportunities in this field. There do appear to be a large number of opportunities in cities throughout the US, however.

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