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How to become an Account Executive

Becoming an account executive begins with a solid education. Many employers prefer for their account executives to have a master's degree, but that is not generally required. However, almost all employers of account executives require a bachelor's degree. It is common but not necessary for executives' degrees to be in marketing, business, advertising, public relations, or other related fields. If a potential account executive majors in something other than accounting or business, they should consider taking classes in these subjects in order to get a firm background in these fields.

Before becoming an account executive, candidates should have a knowledge of database and word processing applications, as well as general computer literacy. Good communication skills are also essential and can help executives delegate and oversee others. Experience and leadership skills can help executives advance in whichever field they are working.

Account executives may advance in their field by participating in training programs offered by their firms or related professional organizations. Some firms pay for training as well as providing opportunities for advancement when training is completed. Courses are available in such subjects as market research, data processing systems, sales management, investment strategies and many other business-related subjects.

What does an Account Executive do?

Account executives can work in many different fields, generally involving finance or business. Common fields for account executives are sales, marketing, advertising, public relations and product development. Regardless of the field, account executives oversees the account services department and maintains clients' accounts.

Job duties of account executives can differ greatly depending upon the setting. However, there are some responsibilities that are common to all account executives. Account executives are each responsible for a group of clients and follow their accounts, acting as a liaison between the client and the firm as needed and ensuring that the customer always receives the attention and care promised by the company.

Account executives may also be responsible for gaining new clients. Although current clients are assigned to an account executive, the executive can increase their client base in a number of different ways. Recommendations from current clients can add new clients to an executive's base, as friends, colleagues, and family members may be more willing to trust someone they have heard good things about firsthand than to try an account executive whom they know nothing about. Some account executives engage in cold calling and other means of selling to gain new clients.

What skills or qualities do I need to become an Account Executive?

Account executives must, first of all, have the necessary and relevant training in their field. Any certifications or examinations that are necessary for their particular field must be undertaken, and account executives typically must do very well on these examinations. Account executives must always be carefully on the lookout for opportunities that may be beneficial to their clients.

Another trait that is important in account executives is discretion. As these executives will likely have access to personal and financial information that is of a confidential nature. Account executives must keep this information confidential, in the best interests of their client.

Knowledge of the specific field in which they work and dedication to their clients are also essential to become a successful account executive. Clients need to feel like the executives in charge of their accounts are knowledgeable and competent, so that they have complete confidence in the account executive in charge of their finances.

How much do Account Executives make?

Although the salaries for account executives vary widely depending upon which field they are working in and which level of management they have attained. In 2006, the median annual salary for account executives was $97,540. Salaries for this position cover a wider range than in many other positions, as account executives can work in may different fields and industries. In comparison, the average starting salary for a marketing major in the same year was only $40,161.

Who are some influential Professionals in this field?

The CEOS of various sales firms are very influential regarding account executive positions. Stuart Miller is the CEO of NAI Realvest, a top sales firm based in Florida. Marcus & Millichap is another influential sales firm, employing George M. Marcus as chairman and Harvey E. Green as president and CEO. Brett White is the CEO of CB Richard Ellis, another top sales firm, based in Los Angeles, California. Coldwell Banker Commercial has John H. Adams as president and CEO.

Who are some leading organizations in this field?

Massey Knakal Realty Services, based in New York, New York, is one of the top investment sales brokers in the United States. Other top sales firms in the United States include Coldwell Banker Commercial based in Southern California, CB Richard Ellis in Los Angeles, California; and Colliers Arnold, with its headquarters in Florida. Marcus & Millichap is located in Southern California as well, and NAI Realvest is based in Orlando, Florida. Almost all fortune 500 firms have Account Executives at some level. You could make some assumptions that every and any of these companies are influential in this industry due to the level of professionals employed and revenues generated.

What are the top cities for Account Executive Jobs?

Job prospects for account executives differ depending upon the field that the executives are working in. However, the best city for account executives overall is New York City, as many would expect. Big cities are the best choice for account executives, with Chicago, Illinois coming in second as far as cities in the United States for account executive jobs. Houston Texas; Dallas Texas; and Atlanta Georgia are the next best cities, respectively, as all have many sales and accounting firms which employ many account executives.

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