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How to become a Web Programmer

Becoming a Web programmer is no easy task, as one might suspect. A web programmer works closely with a web designer to bring to life pieces of web software, be they applications, games, web pages, online data bases, advertising materials or any other, previously unknown conglomerate of web code.

The first ever webpage was published in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee who, by doing this became the first ever web programmer (and designer and developer, we might add). As the World Wide Web progressed, so did the field of web programming. Arguably, the early pioneers of web programming came from countries such as Russia, Romania and India, where labor was cheap and talent was easier to find.

In order to be eligible for a web programming position, you'll have to have obtained at least a computer sciences bachelor's degree, but not all employers require that. In order to become a successful web programmer, you'll need lots and lots of coding talent and a thorough knowledge of most programming languages. Any technical university can provide you with the means to study all you need to study, but don't think you'll be able to get far if you don't have the required talent. Even more, you will need to perfectly understand computers, coding, and databases.

Most big software companies offer internships that can further your studies and give you that much needed on site work experience. If you're a student that only has a certificate or an associate's degree, internships are crucial for your career.

As a web programmer, you'll need to keep yourself up-to-date with what's happening in the world of technological advancements, in order to maintain that competitive edge.

What does a Web Programmer do?

A web programmer writes the code that will give end-users and internal clients the product or service they conceptualized and demanded. In plain words, a web programmer is someone who can make web pages interactive or what other people want them to do, when they want them to do it. Normally, the product should be an application that allows a user to do something on the World Wide Web - anything, really, from ordering football tickets to playing games to watching multimedia content.

The Web programmer analyzes the technical details of the project, decides how the project should be approached and then starts writing the necessary code. Since the Internet is ever changing, the web programmer's job is also in a constantly changing and evolving state.

Day by day, a web programmer will modify and improve on existing code, design new code, test the new software products and discuss design requirements with the web designer. No two pieces of code are the same and no two web programmers will approach and get through a project in the same way.

Basically, anything that we can do in real life can be translated for the World Wide Web. That's why a web programmer will often work on diverse projects at the same time. Web programming requires extremely creative and results oriented people.

What skills or qualities do I need to become a Web Programmer?

You can't expect to become a web programmer without a deep love for all that is related to computers and the World Wide Web. The skills and knowledge a programmer requires about his subject is almost unlimited. You can learn to be proficient in any type of programming language or operating system, and the more you know, the better and faster you can do the job.

Some web programmers choose to learn UNIX, which is both a scripting language and an operating system. Others need to learn SQL, which is the standard in managing databases. You'll get nowhere if you don't know C++.

If you have an idea on how to program and understand computer logic, you can apply that knowledge in any programming language. You can always learn more as you work, or even invent your own unique language. The sky is the limit. But most of all, you'll have to have excellent communication skills, as you'll be working with a team of people, and not knowing how to communicate your ideas efficiently means you'll have to work even more to get to a result.

Even more, you'll need creativity, analytical thinking and a vivid imagination. You will also need to be a fine observer of little detail.

How much does a Web Programmer make?

Depending on the place of employment, skills, certifications and state, a web programmer will make different salaries. The most common salary for a web programmer in the United States lies between $58,342 and $81,066. The extremes start at $47,747 end at about $91,159.

Who are some influential professionals in this field?

The most influential professional in this field has to be the man that put the first web page online. He is Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, an English computer scientist that was born on the 8th of June 1955, and is credited by some as the guy who invented the Internet. He is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium, which oversees the continued development of the Internet.

What are some leading organizations in this field?

In the United States, one of the biggest organizations in web programming and design is the HTML Writers Guild, who offer its members training and internships in all areas of web programming. The HTML Writers Guild was founded in 1994 as the World Wide Web's leading training organization for the web programming and design community. It has more than 150,000 members all over the world.

In 2001, the HTML Writers Guild joined with the International Webmaster's Association to form IWA-HWG, a professional association dedicated to the growth of the field.

What are the top cities for Web Programmer jobs?

Since the field is ever changing, there will always be lots of new jobs available for web programmers in the few next years.

So far, the best cities for web programmers are New York, NY followed by Chicago, IL and, in the third position, Los Angeles, CA. Some of the more higher end positions can be found in Silicon Valley. Don't fool yourself, a larger pay check in Silicon Valley also demands more expenditures as the cost of living is very high.

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